Why Technology Prevents Lost Ad Sales Opportunities

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7 CRM Features Every Sales Rep Needs

Let’s face it. No matter how awesome you are at selling ad space and media, you can still leave money on the table. The fact is we are human beings - not machines. We need technology to see opportunities that the human eye can’t. Perhaps this is why CRMs have become so popular over the past 20 years. Study after study keeps finding that CRMs work!

While CRMs at the most basic level organize records, notes, communications, follow-ups and next steps, there are other CRM benefits that operate more like a “sales fountain”. Therefore, if you’ve ever missed out on a sales opportunity falling through the cracks, you’ll want to try these strategies to ensure the revenue keeps flowing.

7 CRM Features that Help You Prevent Losing an Opportunity

1.    Improve Your Call Quality by Accessing Notes: Most CRMs tell you who to call and when, but using a call-back template with side-by-side notes tells you what you need to know during key moments. 

2.    Renew Contracts Before They Expire: Most people don’t memorize contract expiration dates. However, if your system automatically pings you before an end date approaches, you’ll avoid having to reinitiate a contract after your advertiser goes dark. 

3.    Uncover Clients Who Go “Radio Silent”: Clients rarely fall off the planet, but they do stop advertising - even if it’s not on purpose. If your CRM offers a Client Inactivity Report, you’ll have a great chance of staying top-of-mind and top-of-budget.

4.    Identify Who’s Viewing Your Media Kit: If your CRM offers lead generation capabilities, you can cherry-pick prime advertising prospects from your digital audience. While most CRMs typically don’t offer this feature, sophisticated systems including The Magazine Manager provide this built-in functionality. 

5.    Pinpoint Who Is Missing from Specific Issues: If your holiday issue looks a little slim, your CRM will know who advertised last year, and who is missing! After all, it’s easier to lure back previous clients than to find entirely new ones.

6.    Identify Increasing or Decreasing Budgets: Clients who increase their advertising investment should be promptly rewarded with incentives. On the other hand, if your client’s budget shows a downturn in spending, you’ll want to proactively address reasons behind it.   

7.    Target Prospects Who Open and Click your Advertising Emails: Chances are, the client who opens and clicks on your special issue email announcement is actively considering running in it. Therefore, if your CRM integrates with a third-party email marketing system, you’ll want to analyze your email metrics.

While other great features also prevent lost opportunities, these 7 strategies are a good start for keeping the pipeline open. You may be the greatest ad sales champion on the planet, but great technology is essentially the plumbing that keeps it flowing.

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