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Ad Order Management for Print & Multimedia

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Search, categorize, and organize client data in a way that makes follow-ups easy.

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23,000+ media products in 20+ countries rely on The Magazine Manager to increase profit.

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your publishing business? With Magazine Manager's powerful publishing CRM, you can empower your sales team to generate more ad revenue than ever before. Our easy-to-use proposal templates make converting prospects into customers a breeze, while our intuitive search function enables you to find the right customers quickly and easily.

With color-coordinated icons, you can even identify agencies and current advertisers at a glance. Don't settle for mediocrity – harness the full power of your business with Magazine Manager's publishing CRM today!

Are you tired of the complexity that comes with managing print advertising? Look no further than The Magazine Manager's ad order entry system. Our customizable platform simplifies the entire print advertising life cycle, accommodating multiple contacts, itemized production charges, and specific pick-up instructions. Need to make last-minute changes? No problem. Our system allows you to easily edit media buys, including ad size, positioning, and frequency adjustments.

But that's not all - with our advanced Digital Ad Calendar, Gantt Chart, and Project Timeline views, you can track and manage your digital ads every step of the way. The customizable project stages keep you organized and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Say goodbye to the headache of managing print advertising and hello to the simplicity of The Magazine Manager's ad order entry system. Give it a try today and see the difference for yourself!




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Accounting & Billing Software For Publishers

Ad Order Management for Print & Multimedia

Say goodbye to the headache of complicated invoicing and hello to the simplicity of Magazine Manager's customizable and searchable invoicing system. Our media sales software takes the stress out of transferring information from an insertion order to a contract, and then over to the final invoice. No matter how complex the media package is, our software makes it a breeze to bill stand-alone production charges, net/gross adjustments, and barter agreements with minimal effort. With our easy-to-use and flexible system, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Give Magazine Manager a try today and see how we can streamline your invoicing process, saving you time and energy!


On A Mission To Deliver Innovation, Growth & Efficiency To Your Publishing Business

The publishing industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges in the digital age. From the rapid evolution of reader preferences to the rise of new media forms, declining print readership and revenues, and the urgent need to monetize digital content, publishers must adapt quickly to stay competitive. Fortunately, technology provides a powerful toolset that can help publishers overcome these challenges and thrive in the digital marketplace. 

With advanced AI tools and automation, publishers can personalize content to suit readers' interests, optimize ad sales campaigns to target the right audience, streamline subscription and billing processes, and improve the accuracy and speed of project management. In addition to AI-driven capabilities, powerful reporting and analytics offer valuable insights that enable publishers to make strategic decisions based on data. By embracing the latest technologies, publishers can remain at the forefront of innovation and succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing publishing landscape.

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How Are We Addressing The Industry's Biggest Challenges And Creating Value For Publishers

At Magazine Manager, we recognize the challenges that publishers face in today's fast-paced digital world. With our comprehensive software, we help publishers overcome these challenges and succeed. The Magazine Manager is designed to address all the concerns of modern publishers, including navigating digital transformation, streamlining ad sales, managing subscriptions, developing a loyal and engaged audience, and growing that audience with the latest AI capabilities that make sense for you. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools for managing every aspect of your publishing business, from CRM and project management to digital pagination, reporting, billing, subscription management, AI-powered audience development, and more.

Our advanced technology enables publishers to enhance their operations, achieve maximum efficiency, and optimize ad sales to grow their subscriber base and develop a more engaged and loyal audience. Our AI-driven tools keep audiences engaged, and our powerful reporting tools and analytics provide insights that help publishers make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Whether you're a small start-up or a large enterprise, our software has everything you need to succeed in the modern media landscape. So, partner with us today to take the first step towards sustainable growth and profitability in the publishing industry.

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Online Pagination & Publishing Flat Planning Software

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with traditional print media? Look no further than Mirabel's DigitalStudio, the premier solution for all your digital magazine needs. Whether you're on the go with your mobile device or settling in with a desktop, our magazine production software offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use. With its user-friendly media management application, you'll never have to worry about keeping your team on the same page - because with DigitalStudio, everyone is literally on the same page. Experience the future of magazine production today!


"We used MM for a few years, switched to another provider (price and supposed options) and then came back. What we thought we were getting from the other provider was nowhere close to MM. In the short time we were away, MM added many of the features that we really found important. I will never switch again. They are the dominant player in this market"

Chris K.

From small media companies to major national publications, we have helped countless clients succeed. Our real-life stories and experiences give you a firsthand look at the impact of our offerings on their success. 

Take a few moments to read through these testimonials and see why our customers trust us for exceptional service and value.

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“My experience has been excellent. I sold more advertising with this software and can get more done at a faster pace. The Magazine Manager helps me organize my accounts, and it gives me the ability to have a paperless office. I love the different types of reports I can pull. If my publisher needs anything when I am out of office, all she has to do is go into The Magazine Manager, and everything is at her fingertips.”

Miriam W.

Mary L.

"MagHub and other competitors say they do things like or better than MagMan. But THEY DO NOT. Lots of promises made with NOTHING delivered. MagMan is the REAL DEAL. Save yourself time and money and get this software. You'll never regret it! We've been with MagMan for over 8 years and this product just get better and better and better every time I log in. It's absolutely UNDER-priced for the value of features and efficiencies!

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Next-Level Publishing: Unleash Your Potential with Advanced Integrations 

The Magazine Manager seamlessly integrates with our cutting-edge marketing automation software, The Marketing Manager, providing publishers with the ability to streamline and automate their email marketing, use AI-powered tools with audience development capabilities, optimize efficiency with workflow automation, track website visitors, and gain an unparalleled insight into competitors with powerful competitor analysis. Our powerful integration also provides easy access to high-quality marketing intelligence, empowering publishers to make informed and decisive business decisions.

In addition, The Magazine Manager pairs perfectly with ChargeBrite, a revolutionary recurring revenue management system that allows publishers to experiment with new subscription models and continuously build upon their existing ones. With ChargeBrite's Recurring Revenue feature, publishers can automate every aspect of the sales process, focusing on their core business, while delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and attention. Our streamlined billing, receipt, and renewal reminder system ensures hassle-free subscription management, freeing up valuable time for publishers to concentrate on driving business growth. 

With The Magazine Manager, The Marketing Manager, and ChargeBrite integration, you can be confident that your customers are receiving top-notch service, while you focus on scaling your business and achieving your goals. Trust us to deliver the results that you need for your business success.

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