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Ad Sales Management

A centralized ad order system keeps advertisers in sync with deadlines.

Digital Pagination

Viewing a magazine's layout makes it easier to create digital and mobile editions.


From the initial ad order to final layout, keep production materials organized.


Our powerful reporting suite helps publishers monitor profitability and performance.

Email Verification

The only publishing CRM with built-in email verification software to prevent hard bounces.

Publishing CRM

Search by dozens of custom fields and generate proposal templates

Project Management

Track materials and exchange feedback in real time

Audience Development

Unmask anonymous site visitors and convert into quality leads


Data visualization tools and custom dashboards makes for easy monitoring


Email verification and powerful automation boost every campaign

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All the tools and data your sales and marketing teams could need are here, right at their fingertips.

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Save using Magazine Manager’s Payment Module


Strengthen efficiency using our powerful platform


Increase your productivity by up to 50% using Mirabel Mobile

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World's Leading Magazine Flat Plan Software

23,000+ media products in 20+ countries rely on The Magazine Manager to increase profit.


Mirabel's Digital Studio:  The Ultimate Solution for Magazine Pagination & Flat planning

Whether you’re managing traditional print publications, web versions, tablet editions, or all of the above, DigitalStudio’s magazine pagination software makes flat-planning easy for all involved.


Save time and accelerate revenue with Mirabel's CRM software solutions

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Customize interactions and increase engagement with efficient marketing workflows

With Magazine Manager, the unparalleled combination of automation + CRM + project management creates a robust system designed specifically for your publication’s success

Project Management

Plan and collaborate with intuitive workspaces and easily trackable functions


Unify your databases with our magazine software’s advanced tools and predictive insights

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Mapping Made Easy

The best magazine pagination software doesn’t just showcase a static layout. With DigitalStudio and its Magazine Manager integrations, you can plan and paginate in real time, ensuring that your team members remain on the same page — literally.

Advanced Pagination Tools 

While fluidly connecting through Magazine Manager, our pagination software keeps your publication up-to-date with live inventory changes. So as advertising units adjust, position requests are made, and inevitable updates are made at the last-minute, the layout continues to take shape in the most efficient, transparent way.

One-Click Digital Publishing

Once a flat plan of your magazine has been finalized, publish your digital edition to Magazine Central, Mirabel’s newsstand app for iPad and Android tablets. Readers can browse through the magazine on the web or on our tablet app and access an extensive library of previous editions.

Digital Publishing Media Metrics

Magazine Manager’s Page Views module tracks a variety of valuable impressions, including ad clicks, social media shares, and advertiser's website visits from digital readers.

Adobe InDesign Integration

Export your flat plan to InDesign and move your ads back and forth with our two-way synchronization tools.

Ad Order Wizard for Rate Card Management

The Magazine Manager’s Ad Order Wizard allows users to quickly select the rate card and customize it as needed. Ad sizes and positioning can also be updated in real time as inventory changes.