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The World's Leading Magazine Management Software

Join the ranks of over 18,000 successful media products across 20+ countries and elevate your profits with The Magazine Manager!  

Phone: +1 (954) 332-3204

If you're looking for a magazine software that is head and shoulders above the rest, then look no further than The Magazine Manager. With over 250 reviews on capterra, we not only have the highest number of reviews, but we are also the highest rated publishing software. What's more, we staff one of the biggest teams of software developers in the industry, with more than 80 software developers working around the clock to ensure that our clients have access to the latest technology-driven tools to navigate the ever-evolving, dynamic media landscape. 


What sets The Magazine Manager apart from its competitors is its comprehensive set of features. Our software offers a wide range of features, including magazine CRM, ad sales management, digital pagination, billing and accounting, reporting, audience development, integration with in-house marketing automation software (The Marketing Manager), subscription management software (ChargeBrite), and much more. These features make The Magazine Manager a unique and superior product compared to our competitors.

At The Magazine Manager, we take pride in our customer support. We have been awarded the 'Best Customer Support Badge' and the 'Most Recommended Software Badge' by Software Advice, solidifying our position as one of the best in the industry. Our dedicated software consultants and customer support specialists are always available to provide the best possible support to all our clients.

In conclusion, if you are seeking highly rated, feature-rich, and customer-focused magazine software, choose The Magazine Manager. Our software is designed to increase revenue and streamline workflows for publishers. With our team of software developers, consultants, and customer support specialists, we are committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients. Experience the difference today by choosing The Magazine Manager! 

What makes The Magazine Manager exceptional & unparalleled in its category?

"Stop Shopping - you have just found the best CRM for your Sales Team.its been a great experience. The training that your team provides with the support/help desk allows our company to do what we do best, SALES. I don't have to put a training module together for new hires, you've done that for me. And I know that if I need anything your a point/click away with help - love that"

LeAnn L.
City Manager

From small businesses to large corporations, we have helped countless clients succeed. Our real-life stories and experiences give you a firsthand look at the impact of our offerings on their success. 

Take a few moments to read through these testimonials and see why our customers trust us for exceptional service and value.

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"There's no better software out there for the money. We all love Magazine Manager. For our industry, Magazine Manager understands our needs and its functionality encompasses every circumstance. It's one piece of software that is as robust as we need it to be"

Sheila W. 
Director of Integrated Media & Events

Julie K. 

"Thank You. Finally we're not retrofitting a CRM to fit the world of publishing!. This software has promise to solve A LOT of bottlenecks in our workflow. We new it would be difficult to switch technologies but the 3 months free help from our Account Consultant has been fantastic!"

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