About Us

Mark McCormick

Mirabel Technologies is a privately owned, international tech company that provides all-in-one software solutions for businesses. President Mark McCormick founded Mirabel Technologies in 2003 with the vision to help publishers streamline operations in an ever-changing media environment.

After launching over a dozen successful magazines in South Florida, McCormick introduced Mirabel’s flagship product, The Magazine Manager. As the first web-based CRM made for publishers, it now serves more than 23,000 media properties worldwide.

Since then, other publishing products followed suit, including The Newspaper Manager, a CRM specific to newspapers, Mirabel’s Magazine Central, a library-like platform to display digital editions, and DigitalStudio, a digital flatplanning tool.

In 2019, Mirabel Technologies expanded into marketing automation and email verification with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager and Clean Your Lists, respectively.

The company recently joined the subscription industry with ChargeBrite, a brand-new digital platform tailored to any business with a recurring revenue model.