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When The Magazine Manager’s publishing software engine runs your publication, you can drastically reduce overhead costs.

What Our Customers Say

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“Best Rated Magazine CRM on Capterra”

Matthew Allen, Publisher

“It's been an outstanding experience. I've used The Magazine Manager for more than 8 years, first with a larger company and then when I went into business for myself. This CRM is set up for publishers, by publishers. Many CRMs don't make sense for those of us in the media world, but The Magazine Manager is a consistent excellent choice for keeping up with hundreds of contacts, reminders, and more.”

Miriam W.
Capterra Review

“My experience has been excellent. I sold more advertising with this software and can get more done at a faster pace. The Magazine Manager helps me organize my accounts, and it gives me the ability to have a paperless office. I love the different types of reports I can pull. If my publisher needs anything when I am out of office, all she has to do is go into The Magazine Manager, and everything is at her fingertips.”

James Jiskra, Advertising Director Vintage Guitar Magazine
Capterra Review

"I've tried all the major CRMs but for the publishing industry, no one does it better than [The] Magazine Manager."

Mary L.
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“I love the comprehensive solution that this software offers my operational needs in my core departments: Sales, accounting, and production. With all the integrations, my teams do their jobs in The Magazine Manager. This creates transparency, which improves efficiency. Their ability to email digital tear sheets saved me over $9,000 a year on stamps, envelopes, paper, printer toner, and staffing costs. Thank you, Mirabel [Technologies]!”

Yvonne MP
Capterra Review

“I love The Magazine Manager. It helps me stay organized and have immediate access to all my accounts and their names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers at my fingertips, whether at the office or traveling on the road and accessing via my mobile phone.”

Jason Hosko, Associate Publisher
Hour Media
Capterra Review

"Like the name says, [The]Magazine Manager is essential to many key functions of producing and monetizingmagazines.Not only does it help sellers manage their clients andprospects, but it ties in contracts, billing, commissions,and issue layouts. Reporting is strong, too. Training andongoing improvements are a priority."

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