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From major national publications to small media companies, Magazine Manager increases efficiency for all.


Customers who use our Magazine Software report:

Increase revenue and save time with Mirabel’s media CRM

  • 150%
    Increase efficiency by as much as 150% using our all-encompassing CRM software
  • $40,000
    Save up to $40,000 a year using Magazine Manager’s Payment Module
  • 50%
    Increase your productivity by up to 50% using Mirabel Mobile

Publishers: Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth through

unparalleled combination of automation, publishing CRM and project management integrated on one robust platform.

All the CRM & marketing automation power you could want…at a price you can’t miss!

  • Manage sales, production, integrated marketing & billing all in one unified platform
  • Eliminate errors and duplicate work
  • Convert proposals into billable media contracts
  • Manage multimedia with ad order entry
  • Electronic invoices and payment reconciliation

The unparalleled combination of automation + CRM + project
management creates a robust system designed specifically for your publication’s success.


Customize interactions and increase engagement with efficient marketing workflows


Unify your databases with our
publication production software’s advanced management tools and predictive insights.

Project Management

Plan and collaborate with intuitive workspaces and easily trackable functions

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The Industry's Most Powerful Media CRM

Search, categorize, and organize client data with unified magazine software that makes follow-ups easy.

Our publishing CRM is specifically designed to help sales reps acquire more ad dollars. Our proposal templates are easy to generate and convert into contracts, insertion orders, and invoices.

Search for customers by name, phone number, email, company, address, and dozens of other custom fields. Color-coordinated icons also indicate which contacts are agencies and which are current advertisers.

Advertising Sales Platform

Ad Order Management for Print & Multimedia

From complex digital buys to bundled media packages, The Magazine Manager’s ad order entry system simplifies the print advertising life cycle. Custom-tailor each ad order within the magazine software to accommodate multiple contacts, itemized production charges, and specific pick-up instructions. Edit media buys for last-minute changes, including ad size, positioning, and frequency adjustments. Track and manage digital ads every step of the way with the advanced Digital Ad Calendar and Gantt Chart views.

Online Pagination & Publishing Flat Planning Software

From traditional print to mobile devices, our magazine production software’s digital suite, Mirabel’s DigitalStudio, is the ultimate solution for flat-planning and pagination. Our user-friendly media management application offers unparalleled convenience throughout production while keeping your team on the same page — literally.

Accounting & Billing Software For Publishers

Magazine Manager’s customizable and searchable invoicing system is easy to use and flexible. This media sales software flawlessly transfers information from an insertion order to a contract and then over to the final invoice. Complicated terms? No problem. Even complex media packages with stand-alone production charges, net/gross adjustments, and barter agreements are billed with minimal effort.

Project Management

Track Projects Every Step of the Way

From tracking ad materials to website design initiatives, The Magazine Manager’s collaborative Project Management Module simplifies project management at every step. Designed with customizable project stages to keep you organized, our magazine software’s module ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

The Next Generation of Magazine Software

All the tools and data your sales and marketing teams could need are built into the
magazine software, right at their fingertips.

Ad Sales Management

A centralized ad order system keeps advertisers in sync with deadlines.

Digital Pagination

Viewing a magazine’s layout makes it easier to create digital and mobile editions.


From the initial ad order to final layout, keep production materials organized.


Our powerful reporting suite helps publishers monitor profitability and performance.

Email Verification

The only publishing CRM with built-in email verification software to prevent hard bounces.

Publishing CRM

Search by dozens of custom fields and generate proposal templates

Project Management

Track materials and exchange feedback in real time

Audience Development

Unmask anonymous site visitors and convert into quality leads


Email verification and powerful automation boost every campaign


Data visualization tools and custom dashboards makes for easy monitoring

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