Track Projects Every Step of the Way

From tracking ad materials to website design initiatives, The Magazine Manager’s collaborative Project Management Module simplifies project management at every step. Designed with customizable project stages to keep you organized, the module ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Manage Projects with the Production Job Jacket

The Magazine Manager’s Production Job Jacket has a clean user interface for managing all project details from production and time tracking to contacts and file attachments. Exchange feedback in real time while tracking time estimates. Any itemized production charges carry over to the invoice without any manual effort.

Magazine production software

Meet Deadlines
with the Project Timeline

The Magazine Manager’s Project Timeline provides real-time project updates with the flexibility to set up workflows for different kinds of publishing products. Track projects with custom stages specific to your needs. Notify advertisers via email about upcoming material deadlines all at once.

Magazine ad manager
Magazine production management software

Popular Features

  • Production Time Tracking
  • Online Pagination
  • Automated Electronic Signature and Proposal Approval Process
  • Common Art Numbers & Ad IDs
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Classified Ad Capability
  • Proposal Rollup by Issue
  • Runsheet of Ads by Client & Product