What’s New in Magazine Manager 2019!

What’s New in Magazine Manager 2019!

Launched On
July 18, 2019

New Job Jacket: Job Jacket has been completely re-written with a new user interface to better organize this “data heavy” page. There are half a dozen new fields and functions that have been added to the job jacket functionality.


New Report Generator: Magazine Manager already had more reports than any publishing software suite and our reporting capability just took a dramatic leap. We have significantly expanded the type of reports that we can create for clients by using our new report generator.Many custom reports that would take three to four weeks and thousands of dollars to develop can now be done in five or six hours for a fraction of cost.

New Sales Goals Reporting Suite: Sales Goals reporting is always one of the more challenging tasks for publishing software packages as there are so many different ways that publishers report goals. Percent of goal,previous year, previous two years, goals by product, business unit and various combinations of pacing factors are among the requests we get. To help with this challenge, Magazine Manager has created 10 new Sales Reports that look at Sales Goals from as many angles as possible.

Sales Goals

Redesigned User Interface: We have updated the User Interface to updated fonts with a slightly larger font size for easier readability. We have studied the best User Interfaces in the software world and taken the best elements to deliver easier readability throughout the site.

Redesigned User Interface

Site Performance: The Main Contact page has been re-designed with the latest web technologies and a new User Interface to provide greater speed and clarity. All of the sub headers open faster and all header scan be defaulted to open while still loading in under a second. You can have over 300 fields visible at once and still have the page load in under a second. It’s the premier data pull in the publishing CRM world.

Greater Contact Page Flexibility: A new drag and drop user setup has been developed so that you can quickly re-order the sub header order on your contact page to whichever layout you prefer. Bookkeepers want contract data to show up first. No problem. Sales reps want the sales contacts to come up first. We can do it. You want to hide all of the client data that you don’t need. Takes three seconds. You want to show every piece of data on a client on one page. The new contact page builder can do that too.

Greater Contact Page Flexibility

New Collapse and Expand Feature: A new “expand all” button on the homepage allows users to open all headers and see every field on a client record in under a second. Typical CRM’s require you to click and open a half dozen tabs to see all of the data on a client and Magazine Manager can do it in under a second. It sounds like a small feature, but being able to see all of the client data in one view can save a sales reps ten seconds per search and that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars of new sales in a year because your sales reps can now move faster.


New HTML editor! We have a new intuitive drag and drop HTML editor that allows you to build HTML newsletters and documents more quickly and easily. It is state of the art and drag and drop. Because it’s an entirely new HTML editor you’ll need to watch the training video on this one as it’s the one part of the software re-write that has new navigation tools (we tried very hard to upgrade the software with minimal navigation changes to keep your internal training costs down).

New HTML Editor

Server Upgrades: All sites have been upgraded to new Amazon servers with a 10% increase in site speed.

New Software Infrastructure: The infrastructure of our software has been completely re-written to allow for faster development and release times. We are now executing new software releases every week where as previously they were being done every month. This has dramatically cut down the time necessary to fix any software errors.

Notes Portability and Primary Contact Changes:  Magazine Manager is designed with system “presets” which linked a contact records primary contact automatically to 24 different parts of the software.It saves users a tremendous amount of time by not having to choose a billing contact, proposal contact, production contact, etc. However,when the primary contact is changed, the correct contact in all of those places in the software previously had to be re-set manually. We have now set up triggers that move notes as the primary contact changes so that your customer record shows all of the primary contact notes in one place while making a copy of those notes that follows the primary contact to its new role. Defaults can also now be setup to automatically change prior invoices, product contacts and other places in the software that were linked to the primary contact. It’s a huge time saver when your primary point of contact at a company changes.

Finance Charges: Magazine Manager has added the ability to more quickly calculate and add finance charges to an invoice.

Finance Charges

Data Visualization Tools: Charts and Graphs are a great management aid and Magazine Manager has a data visualization tool that allows us to capture data from across the site and create custom graphs and tables. If you have specific charts and graphs your management team needs to run your business contact your consultant for an overview of the kinds of custom dashboards that our data visualization team can produce.

Opportunities Dashboard –Want to track opportunities? Our new Opportunities dashboard has a dozen different ways to analyze and track opportunities within your sales staff. The opportunities dashboard is the first example of what our new data visualization tool can do.

Opportunities Dashboard

Email Verification Engine: The 2019 version has an email verification engine that validates the emails in your database, identifies bad email addresses and stops them from being email to your clients and causing spam complaints and damaging your sender score. Email deliverability is a growing concern for all publishers and the first issue publishers have is that their databases are loaded with bad email addresses. We are the first publishing software provider to try and take this issue on by creating an email validation service.

Email Verification Report