Are Your Subscribers Part of the 93% "At Risk"?

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New research from PCH Consumer Insights Platform and media professor Evan Shapiro shows that only 7% of media subscribers are planning on staying subscribed to each and every one of their current services in the coming year.

That means the remaining 93% fall within the subsets of those subscribing less and switching as needed, planning to cut to bare necessities, sticking to a few faves, or reassessing their subscriptions every month.

Or, to put it another way, that means 93% fall within the subset of at risk.

Amidst demographic-breakdowns by age and income, the “2023: Media’s Year of Living Dangerously” report preaches an overall “yes, and” mindset for platforms, with which they need to “offer their users strong reasons to stay, each month, to keep both the subscription and ad dollars flowing.”



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