All Dolled Up: Audiences Ready For Barbie (and Brands)

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Whether you love summer blockbusters or industrial-strength air conditioning, there’s no place like a movie theater this time of year. 

With today’s highly anticipated release of Barbie, I couldn’t help but think about all the iconic brands that have recently been in the big-screen limelight. Nike got some major Air, Cheetos turned it up to Flamin’ Hot, and, now, the doll-denizen of Mattel’s DreamHouse is ready for her curtain to rise!

A few months ago, Marketing Brew and Harris Poll wanted to find the line between a brand-focused movie and a glorified commercial, and found that 60% of the 2,000-plus Americans surveyed were “more interested in seeing movies that depict their favorite brands in some way.”

Noting that the efforts should still be tasteful, Marketing Brew said, “over half of respondents said they worried that too much brand involvement could make films feel ‘like commercials instead of stories,’ with a little less than half saying it ‘would lead to poorer-quality storylines.’”

From all indications, Barbie won’t have to worry about those particular labels. 

Now, potential oversaturation, what with Mattel’s 100-plus brand partnerships ahead of today’s premiere? That’s another (toy) story.

Life in plastic — and celluloid — it’s fantastic.


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