Rising To The Challenge: B2B Buyers And Their Technological Pain Points

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Pain points are a common consideration in marketing, used to identify a customer’s potential problems while sprinkling empathy to the marketers’ prospective pitch.

B2B buyers aren’t immune to their own pain points either, and as MediaPost notes about Hero Digital’s latest B2B buyer findings, “email copywriters working for B2B brands should note the hassles faced by buyers.”

Those findings, recently shared in Hero Digital’s annual B2B Buyer Report, include how 92% say economic uncertainty has added pressure to make more cost-effective purchases, 92% experience at least one pain point with their current technology, and 88% would “ turn to a competitor if their company’s digital channel could not keep up with their desires as a buyer” (up from 85% last year).

“Simply going digital won’t cut it anymore,” the study says. “Faced with economic uncertainty, inflation, and increased interest rates, today’s B2B buyers have complex demands, high digital expectations, and strict budgets. A deep understanding of your prospects’, customers’, and clients’ unique needs is critical to success.”

(Source: Hero Digital)

Asked of their top challenges when researching product purchases, 45% of B2B buyers said understanding specs and configurations, 45% said inconsistent product information, 35% said understanding how products would fit their business, and 35% said finding up-to-date product information. 

“These pain points are consistent with concerns buyers expressed in 2022, underscoring the need for better product and pricing information — and the lack of progress made in this area thus far,” the study says. “B2B buyers’ top research challenges also exacerbate the time and money spent throughout the buying process, before a purchase is even made. To make informed, financially responsible purchasing decisions, buyers must be able to easily find comprehensive, accurate product data.”

In terms of deal-breakers during the vetting process, 48% said a lack of transparency into fulfillment processes, 47% said a record of supply-chain issues like order delays, and 32% said inconsistent communication and experience across channels.

“Business leaders must find ways to reduce friction across their eCommerce solutions and digital experiences as B2B buyers seek greater efficiencies capable of enabling faster innovation and growth,” the study concludes. “When supplier relationships fall short, buyers aren’t afraid to take matters into their own hands — with many companies already pursuing internal improvements as a mechanism to increase efficiency and bolster digital experiences and offerings.”


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