B2B Marketers Prefer Digital Marketing For Building Their Brands (New Report)

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Maybe it’s the lingering firework sulfur talking, but today seems like a good day to check in with the British.

As part of its recent Language of Effectiveness survey, London’s Marketing Week (with support from London’s Kantar) interviewed 1,300 marketers about brand-building and discovered that more favor digital marketing to offline media — “a significant shift of attitudes.”

In total, 86.7% of respondents believe “digital channels for content and advertising are an effective tool for building brands compared to the 80.1% who think the same of offline media.” The survey credits B2B marketers for the attitude shift that long held digital to be more effective for short-term results, with 38.3% saying digital is “very effective” at brand-building (compared to 34.9% of B2C marketers).

(Source: Marketing Week)

The one place B2B and B2C marketers were in relative agreement was “when it comes to digital being simpler to measure,” Marketing Week said, with 71.8% believing it’s easy to measure a digital campaign’s effectiveness.

“Marketers said digital strategies require ‘punchier creative’ as consumers have a ‘different mindset’ when absorbing digital content,” says Marketing Week. “But all these responses would indicate marketers do appreciate that digital and offline are two very different mediums.”


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