Consumers And Marketers Disagree On Preferred Ad Platforms (New Report)

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As consumers, we all probably have a preferred ad platform that consistently serves us relevant ads. And as marketers, we too have our preferred platforms for serving those ads.

So why is there such a gulf between those preferences?

Kantar’s “Media Reactions” report studied about 16,000 consumers and 900 senior marketers and found a “significant contrast” between their favored platforms.

“For the second year in a row, consumers chose Amazon as their favorite ad platform, with most finding its ads to be ‘relevant and useful,” Marketing Brew reports. “Among marketers, however, Amazon didn’t even crack their top five: Their No. 1 pick was YouTube, which saw a 6% increase in trust among that group compared to last year.”

Surprisingly, YouTube did not make consumers’ top five. After Amazon, consumers preferred Google, TikTok, Instagram, and Spotify. In terms of media channels, consumers in Kantar’s study like channels that “cause the least interruption to their lives,” like those that reach them at the movies or in-person events.

“Consumers ranked sponsored events as their most preferred channel,” Marketing Brew reports, “followed by cinema ads, out-of-home campaigns, point-of-sale assets, and digital OOH.”


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