Consumers: Privacy The Priority With Online Ads (Report)

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This week, I’ve been sharing reports about marketing personalization, the importance of relevance, and the idea that, in online marketing, less can be more.

(When it comes to learning about consumers, on the other hand, I believe more is more!)

A new consumer survey by Vericast reveals that, when receiving online ads, 50% of customers said privacy was most important, with 36% prioritizing personal relevancy. Almost half of consumers (46%) think marketers sell that data they collect, and more than half believe social media companies do it.

“Consumers prefer to engage with brands that know what they want and incentivize them with the right offers at the right time, but privacy is a growing concern,” said Meggie Giancola, Vericast’s SVP of Sales Solutions & Strategy. “This paradox is creating an opportunity for marketing solutions with the agility to safely work with, understand and activate data so brands can deliver the experiences consumers desire without sacrificing privacy.”




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