Email Integration: Why Other Marketing Channels Need Email's Effectiveness

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Any email marketer worth their clean-list salt knows that email remains the most effective channel.

The value, then, in Litmus’ 2023 State of Email Workflows Report lies in all the other intel garnered from the 440 email marketers surveyed, particularly in what the report describes as “the fine art of managing all the different kinds of work that go into creating a beautiful email from inception to completion.”

The survey confirms that, yes, email marketers find email marketing to be the most effective marketing channel (41%), compared to social media (16%), paid search (16%), organic search (9%), and video (3%). But while 87% say email is critical, only 24% of email marketing programs are “highly integrated” into other marketing channels.

“It’s time to bring email to other parts of the marketing mix wherever possible,” the report says, highlighting that 30% of those surveyed said they’re planning on spending up to 15% more on email integrations in 2023.

(Source: Litmus

Onboarding and post-purchase emails were the most automated tasks (55%), followed by subscriber reengagement (32%) and customer reactivation (31%).

“There’s still lots of room to eliminate repetitive tasks and make the most of automation here,” the report says.

For those 30% of marketers who will be spending more on email integration, the report highlights how this could play out in social media feeds, review platforms, paid ads, or advanced segmentation — “but the goal is to bring email together into a more omnichannel approach to marketing.”



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