Email Marketing Remains A Priority Despite Budget Cuts (New Study)

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Working with less usually means a reliance on what you know best. So it should be no surprise that, with recent widespread reductions in marketing budgets, more and more marketers are trusting in email marketing efforts.

That’s confirmed in the latest research from Exclaimer, an email signature management software company, that found that even as 68% of marketers are seeing a budget reduction for the second half of this year, 78% are keeping email marketing their priority channel.

“With so many marketers experiencing cuts in their budgets, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate ROI on the activity marketers decide to progress with,” says Exclaimer’s press release, which then puts focus on Exclaimer’s email signature-focused research. 

“It seems that brands are aware of the fact that email signatures are good for business too, with 94% of marketers stating that consistent branded signatures have a positive impact on email engagement rates and 40% hoping to generate 20% or more of revenue from email signatures.”

Among Exclaimer’s signature suggestions, tips include putting contact information, promotional information, and social media links.

“Our research shows that email signatures are a powerful channel that consumers really relate to,” says Carol Howley, Exclaimer’s Chief Marketing Officer. “By implementing email signatures into an email marketing strategy, marketers can boost their audience engagement, making the most of the channel they connect with. After all, it’s about working smarter, not harder.”


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