Fighting Marketing Fatigue: What Americans Want — Besides Just Less Marketing

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Two-thirds of American consumers (66%) want fewer marketing messages, according to the recent 2023 Consumer Marketing Fatigue Survey by Optimove.

“The message to marketers is ‘Give us a break’ or ‘Less is more,’” according to Optimove. “Pick yours.”

When asked what would make them open a marketing email, 62% of respondents chose “relevancy” as their No. 1 factor, with 14% responding “identity of the brand” and 8% responding “personalized to me beyond my name.” Eleven percent said there was “absolutely nothing” that would make them open a marketing email.

Optimove found that the critical components of relevancy are knowing a customer’s likes and dislikes, knowing when a customer needs something and offering it to them in their preferred way, and not hassling, but helping.

“Online marketing’s ability to mimic a great salesperson who understands what to say and when (and when to give some space) is in its infancy,” says Optimove. “But with AI and deep customer data, marketers can go a long way to helping, not hassling consumers with messages.”




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