Survey: Half of Media Professionals Worried AI Is Coming For Their Jobs

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As AI continues to show revolutionary potential in so many industries, the elephant in so many rooms right now is what effect its rise will have on the human workforce.

MediaPost recently shared results from a survey by FreelanceWritingJobs that goes straight to the heart of that matter, showing that more than half (52%) of media professionals fear that AI will make their job redundant.

While hardly the most worried sector — 63% of those who work in the technology industry worry about their job security — only 35% of the 3,000 Americans surveyed share the same concern.

“The results of this survey provide a valuable insight into American workers’ attitudes towards AI and its impact on their job security,” says Shaun Connell, founder of FreelanceWritingJobs, in a Health Leaders Media article about the 44% of worried health care workers.

“It’s clear that workers across the country are concerned about the impact of AI on their jobs,” Connell says, “and industries must take proactive steps to support and reskill their employees to ensure they remain competitive in the AI-driven job market.”




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