Pipeline Projections Proving Painful to Predict

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To marketers who feel like you’re constantly struggling to forecast pipeline outcomes — you’re not alone.

71% of marketers say they can’t fully predict pipeline contributions, according to RevSure’s 2023 State of Pipeline Generation survey. And three-quarters said they devote too much time and energy operating in “fire drill mode” to address leadership’s questions about pipeline forecasts and revenue projections.

“One of the more concerning things we learned from the study is that marketers lack confidence in their ability to convert throughout the entirety of the marketing funnel because they are struggling to predict pipeline contributions and outcomes,” says RevSure CEO and founder Deepinder Singh Dhingra. “We know that gaining better insight into their pipeline is a priority for them in 2023.”

Their most significant challenges in generating a successful pipeline were a lack of adequate data to make effective decisions (38%), inability to scale demand program efficiently to meet growth targets (33%), and budget allocation (33%).

Additionally, two-thirds of marketers don’t know where funnel leakage and conversion bottlenecks are happening, something the study classified as a “major red flag,” causing higher acquisition costs.




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