Up For A Chat: Advertising Industry Tops List of ChatGPT Users

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The truth in advertising, according to a recent survey of U.K. professionals anyway, is that it’s the industry using ChatGPT the most.

39% of advertising professionals use the generative AI chatbot on the job, according to the recent Indusface survey. 

If you ask me, that number seems low and “admitting to use” is probably closer to the truth, but still: it’s the industry with the highest percentage of users, followed by legal (38%), arts and media (33%), IT (30%), and construction (30%).

(Source: Open Business Council)

The most common uses for ChatGPT were writing reports (27%), translations (25%), and research (17%), followed by emails with clients (11%) and internally (8%).

Interestingly, the survey also found that more than half don’t trust other businesses that use ChatGPT and other generative AI in their work.

In elaborating on the survey’s findings, Indusface’s founder and president Venky Sundar put focus on the risks many industries face with their information and business documents. “Legal clauses have a lot of subjectivity, and it is always better to get these vetted by an expert,” he says. 

“The second risk is when you share proprietary information into ChatGPT and there’s always a risk that this data is available for the general public, and you may lose your IP,” he says. “So never ask ChatGPT for documentation on proprietary documents including product roadmaps, patents and so on.”



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