Primed For Growth: Amazon Continues To Bite Into The Duopoly’s Ad Share

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The last time we looked extensively at the double-headed beast that controls so much digital advertising — late last year, when Google and Meta’s combined share of the market was at a massive albeit slightly reduced 48.4% — we said Amazon’s then-projected 12.7% share by 2024 was enough to put a dent in The Duopoly.

Recently, Insider Intelligence wrote how the ad duopoly “looks over its shoulder” now that, in Q3, Amazon’s ad revenue increased by 26%, doubling its 13% overall revenue growth and totaling more than $12 billion.

Amazon’s advertising business has “grown impressively over the last several years after a 57.6% boost from the coronavirus pandemic,” according to Insider Intelligence and its forecasts. “We expect worldwide ad revenues to grow 18.9% to $44.88 billion this year and to reach $67.59 billion by 2025.”

Insider Intelligence also says the company’s U.S. ad revenue growth of $5 billion will outpace that of Google and Meta combined. However, even as the share effectively shrinks, revenue growth is still plenty profitable, with Google announcing 11% YoY revenue growth in Q3 and Meta reporting 23% YoY revenue growth, “the most it’s ever made in a quarter since going public,” according to Marketing Brew.


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