Lights, Camera, AI-Action: How Marketers Are Embracing AI For Video

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With generative AI becoming so ubiquitous in marketing (and beyond), it can be helpful to see how it’s specifically being utilized, particularly for those just dipping their toes into video production.

In Winterberry Group’s recent study, The New Creative Paradigm, more than 250 video and content production decision-makers were surveyed, confirming that as brands are shifting budgets to focus “on the video-centric content [customers] increasingly engage with,” generative AI will be “the primary driver of automation and efficiency.” 

More than 62% said they’re leveraging generative AI in one capacity or another to “support creative development.”

“GenAI fosters faster cycle times, accelerates time to concept and speed of content creation while delivering on personalization and high volume adaptation, versioning and reformatting to support the range of campaigns, channels and platforms being utilized,” the study says. “It can also be utilized in post-production, visual and audio effects, saving valuable time in the process.”

(Photo Source: Winterberry Group)

The study says global spending on video and digital content production is estimated to reach $121.1 billion this year — a compound annual rate growth of 13.3% since 2020 — and $144.1 billion in 2026.


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