Moving Target: Many Consumers Still Wary Of Sharing Email (New Survey)

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Earlier this week, I wrote about personalization and the difference it can make with email marketing.

But be warned, marketers looking for the best alternatives as cookies get phased out — that doesn’t mean all consumers are just ready to jump at the chance to share their details.

Adlook surveyed more than 1,000 consumers during the recent CES 2024 event, and found that nearly half (48%) were against sharing their email addresses for more targeted ads. 

“Many in the industry see hashed email as a cookie solution, yet consumers remain reluctant to trade emails for ads,” says Adlook. “Email addresses are becoming more difficult to manage given PII concerns, dummy accounts, and beyond.”

(Source: Adlook)

Adlook’s survey uncovered many other tidbits surrounding targeted ads, including how 59% believe targeting a user group of anonymized individuals is safer than one-to-one targeting; only 14% view it as less safe. To enable group-based targeting more easily, Adlook says “AI will need to play a role.”

“AI offers a more long-term solution, with a focus on delivering, not just on cookie-less, but identity-less advertising,” Adlook says. “Advertisers and tech companies must navigate this changing landscape, balancing effective targeting with respecting consumer privacy preferences.”



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