Programmatic Progress: Programmatic Ad Spend Forecast To Grow 3x As Fast As Nonprogrammatic

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How bright is programmatic’s future? According to EMARKETER’s latest projections, this will be the year programmatic display ad spend grows three times as fast as nonprogrammatic spend.

(Photo Source: EMARKETER)

The increase in programmatic ad spend (a 15.9% YoY growth) will add up to more than 9 of every 10 digital display ad dollars being spent programmatically this year, according to EMARKETER’s “Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast H1 2024” report. For 2025, a 13.3% growth “thanks to the rise of video formats on free ad-supported streaming TV channels and ad-supported video-on-demand tiers” will amount to $178.25 billion.

“Challenges introduced by automation — including ad fraud and algorithmic bias — are far outweighed by the benefits,” the report says, which predicts sellers will be able to “lean into buyers’ demands for budget fluidity by using programmatic as an incentive to encourage larger upfront commitments.”

“Programmatic offers agility in spending cadence and channel mix and is often favored by smaller advertisers who lack the resources to negotiate directly with publishers.”


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