Publisher Tips To Take Advantage of Programmatic Advertising’s Bright Future

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For all its promise and revenue potential, programmatic advertising faced “notable challenges” in 2023, according to Assertive Yield’s 2024 Publisher Trends report, which says trends like Google’s cookie phase-out and “a push for sustainable advertising” could impact publishers even further.

However, the report does note the bright side looking ahead, as the programmatic advertising market is expected to see an annual compound growth rate of 12.5% globally through 2030. 

“The evolving SSP landscape, marked by the surprising performance of SSPs who are mainly reselling over tier-one SSPs, poses intriguing implications for revenue strategies,” says Nils Lind, Assertive Yield founder and CEO. “Additionally, the green advertising surge has also driven publishers towards operational optimization, highlighting the importance of high-quality traffic to maximize revenue.”

(Source: Insider Intelligence)

Last year, U.S. programmatic ad spend grew to over $135 billion. Insider Intelligence estimates that number will near $180 billion by 2025.

“The shift toward programmatic ads, which made up 90% of all digital display advertising in 2023, seems set to continue as more companies adopt algorithm-driven marketing strategies,” according to Insider Intelligence.

Among the privacy-first solutions that Assertive Yield recommends for publishers are:

  • Email hashing (which “anonymizes email addresses into unique hashes, enabling targeted advertising while keeping accuracy in user identification”)
  • First-party data and publisher cohorts
  • Universal IDs
  • Seller-defined audiences
  • Contextual targeting
  • Google’s Privacy Sandbox

“Quite often publishers have the idea to do a lot of things, but just don’t have the resources available,” says Lind. “The challenge is to think of what technology and processes can be deployed to speed up testing, integrations, and results with the same amount of people.”


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