The Data Downside: What Happens When Data Is Off

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The Magazine Manager blog has continuously beaten the data drum, extolling its power when the data is high-quality and highlighting its vital importance when the data is first-party. Today, we turn the tables to show the downside when the data is totally off.

Claravine, in partnership with Advertiser Perceptions, recently released The State of Modern Marketing Data Standards report, surveying 140 advertisers who estimated the wrong creative is served to the wrong customers about 25% of the time (something agencies estimate happens 30% of the time). 

“Put another way,” the research says, “[advertisers] estimate one in four ad impressions result in wasted ad spending and/or have the potential to put their company at risk.”

(Source: Claravine)

This inability to be more precise, the study says, is due to a lack of confidence in knowing where creative assets are running or being able to connect it to ROI. 

“Just 15% of US advertisers said they were very confident in their ability to see all creative running across all channels,” the study says, “with 13% very confident in their ability to tie creative performance back to campaign ROI.”

Even identifying that there is an issue is a problem. More than half of the advertisers surveyed said it takes up to a day to identify ads that have run next to unsuitable content, and 58% said it takes 2-3 days to fix errors.

“The bottom line: A majority of advertisers have yet to master the ability to target and measure the impacts of putting all that rich audience data to good use,” the report says. “Gaining control over data standards and putting a strategy or practice in place is a must to mitigate risk to their business and their customers and remain competitive in today’s quickly evolving marketplace.”


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