Google Announces First-Party Solution For Publishers

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Google officially unveiled PAIR (or Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation) yesterday, its latest option for publishers and advertisers using Display & Video 360 to “securely and privately reconcile their first-party data for audiences who have visited both an advertiser’s and a publisher’s site.”

The Fine Points of First-Party Data

In contrast to the walking-dead phase-out that Google is giving third-party cookies, its PAIR processes would be founded upon first-party data, or information that customers have willingly agreed to share through their direct relationships as opposed to pooled data. That information may include a customer’s details from previous purchases, loyalty programs, subscriber- and email-lists, or other details that’s been volunteered (and carefully collected in a unified publishing CRM).

“Advertisers and publishers will be able to activate encrypted first-party information that is unique to their sites via aggregation,” writes Dan Taylor, Vice President, Global Ads. “This process ensures no user-level data is ever shared between parties and the aggregated data is only readable and meaningful in the limited context of their direct relationship.”

Best CRM for Magazine Publishers

Source: Google Marketing Platform

Google says clean rooms will be used to connect and manage all data, providing further privacy and “technical guarantees.”

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