Preparation Plans: More Marketers Investing in Cookie Alternatives

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As Google steers us closer to a cookieless future, marketers are losing valuable preparation time with each passing day.

According to the latest research from supply-side platform 33Across, however, more marketers on its exchange are planning ahead now  than in Q4 2022, with the average advertiser growing “their cookie alternative investment quarter-over-quarter by 13% in Q4 [2023], increasing their cookie alternative share of voice (SOV) by an average of 9%.”

“Since Google announced it would begin removing third-party cookies on 1% of Chrome users, more programmatic buyers have pushed to test alternative identifiers and solutions,” the Programmatic Cookie Alternative Trends Report says, noting that most advertisers are still focusing on third-party cookies for their programmatic buys

The report recommends price-conscious advertisers “take advantage of lower CPMs on cookie alternative inventory” before signal loss increases and competition drives the cost up. EMARKETER adds that they “should avoid waiting for Google to reach its deadline and instead focus on testing alternatives like attention-based metrics, activating first-party data, and contextual advertising.”

(Photo Source: 33Across)

Retail advertisers were particularly active in Q4 2023, investing more than a quarter (26%) of their programmatic budget in cookie alternative inventory.

“Retail advertisers … have made significant strides in cookieless investments during the second half of 2023,” the report says of the 117% YoY growth, “allowing them to test new methodologies and reach audiences outside of third-party cookies (Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and non-cookied Chrome) at efficient CPMs.”


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