Cookie Contrasts: Confidence In Preparedness Differs Within Organizations (New Report)

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The soon-to-be-cookieless world is something the Magazine Manager blog (and our Mirabel Technologies’ products) have long been trying to prepare businesses for, from those who might benefit from programmatic advertising’s solutions, those whose marketing efforts could use vital first-party data, and particularly those publishers looking to prioritize for tomorrow. 

A new study from Fyllo is shining light on exactly who’s gotten the word so far. And sadly, the understanding is not consistent across the executive level.

“C-suite marketing leaders and CEOs have significantly rosier assessments of their preparedness for the deprecation of third-party tracking cookies than their junior employees,” according to the study, “with 88% of the C-suite and 78% of CEOs expressing that they feel their current targeting solutions are prepared to operate without cookies, compared to 62% of VP/Director level executives.”

(Source: Fyllo)

The study, entitled Navigating The Privacy-First Landscape, interviewed 201 “decision makers responsible for digital advertising budgets” this past fall. One example of the discrepancy between expectations was how more senior leaders (89% of CEOs and 97% of C-suite execs) planned on working with more targeting partners, compared to only 57% of SVPs.

“CEOs and C-suite executives both believe that their current audience segments address the needs of their campaigns (84% and 90%, respectively),” the study says, “while only 71% of SVPs and 75% of VP/Directors agree. Moreover, 95% of CEOs and a surprising 100% of C-suite executives believe that their current targeting solutions are scalable, compared to roughly 85% each of SVPs, VP/Directors and Managers.”

The study concludes that the “divergence in confidence levels” suggests how communication and inner-organization alignment is necessary.


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