Email Impact: The Power of Email Marketing in Multi-Channel Strategies

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Email marketing continues to be the cornerstone for successful marketing, showing positive ROI in difficult, cost-cutting times and no matter what size the business.

Those results are only reinforced in Zoominfo’s latest report, created with Ascend2 and titled “The B2B Perspective on Multi-Channel Marketing.” Half of the marketing professionals surveyed said email marketing has the most impact on their multi-channel strategy, followed by social media (33%), content marketing (26%), and digital advertising (18%).

(Source: Zoominfo)

“Email is still the most effective mode of communication when it comes to connecting with prospects, according to the overwhelming majority (73%) of B2B marketers surveyed,” the report says. “Phone use was rated second, favored by 39% of B2B marketers. Live and digital events are also making an impact for 31% of B2B marketers as they engage with prospects.”

All this, despite what Insider Intelligence spells out as numerous Big Tech measures that have “threatened the effectiveness of email marketing, forcing marketers to figure out which metrics matter most.”

As marketers learn what best to focus on, they are aware of the data challenges they face in their multi-channel marketing efforts. 42% said they’ve faced a lack of resources or expertise in their data analysis, 36% have had difficulty in tracking data from different sources, 34% have incomplete or inaccurate data, and 33% lack an overall data strategy.

“Part of implementing and executing a successful multi-channel marketing strategy is having the ability to utilize data across those channels in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” the study says. “Interestingly, less than one in five (19%) of B2B marketers feel strongly that their organization is able to do this. In fact, more B2B marketers (24%) indicate that their companies have difficulty using multi-channel data in this way.”


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