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Magazine Manager Super-User Co-Presents with Karen Richter

If you missed this year’s Midwest Publishing Association conference, you may not know that one of our own Magazine Manager clients practically stole the show! Ammie Scott, 417 Magazine’s Sales Manager co-presented “The Ten Reports Every Publisher Needs” with Mirabel Technology’s Strategic Accounts Manager, Karen Richter.

Karen, a conference regular, has no problem engaging a room full of people. However, when an actual client explains how her company benefits from reporting, the audience perks up and listens intently.

"Having the ability to closely monitor ad spending and contracts by client is a necessity that every sales rep should embrace. Even if technology seems intimidating at first, these tools will help drive revenue and improve your sales reps’ overall performance," said Ammie.

Obviously Karen agrees; reporting is a key element behind profitable publishing.

"Whether you work in sales, production or billing, being able to track performance helps companies operate far more efficiently. Having a client explain this first hand gets publishers excited about the possibilities," said Karen.

To take advantage of these great reporting tools in The Magazine and Newspaper Manager, please contact your software consultant.

Or, watch Karen Richter and Andy Balch present their version of "Top 10 Reports".

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